Thursday, November 8, 2007

a lot of free

Wednesday night's swim went like this:

200 free
200 kick with fins
200 paddles (er something veryclose to this..I can never remember the warmups exactly)

4 x 50

50 free with fins
50 free no fins
50 free with paddles
50 free with no paddles

10 x 100 free, 15 secs rest after the last person is in (we did this on 1:40 for the most part)

10 x 50 free, same as above (we did this between 45-50 seconds)

100 easy choice cool down & some sweet hot tub action

I led our lane for the 10 x 100 and for the 10 x 50 so I pushed myself to keep it quick and maintain a decent pace. A fun workout!

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