Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Sunday indeed!

What a weekend. It was gorgeous and sunny and that made me and everybody else that I saw so happy. And so did my workouts today! I got up early and went for a trail run around some of my favorite trails in Squamish. Up and around Alice Lake provincial park.

Then I had a really yummy latte (I really love my coffee and had really been looking forward to it) before heading off to VanCity for some shopping with a girlfriend. Shopping reminded me that I really need to lose some weight* isn't ideal right now and it sure makes running (and trying on clothes) a painful ordeal. In any case we had an awesome time today cruising highway 99 with the sun roof open and our tunes on.

I finished off the evening with a swim at the pool and had a fantastic workout! If I did my math correctly (I probably didn't but whatever) I did 400 metres in 6 minutes. If I could swim at that pace I could complete a 1.6 km swim in 24 minutes. That would please me. We'll see though....not sure that I can maintain that pace knowing there's a 40km ride followed by a 10km run immediately after.

Run: 1:05

Swim: 1000 metres

*I'm super chubby right now!!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Last night I went for a run with Cathy sort of around and about the Squamish tri route trails.....we did stray off a trail but only for a a minute or so. My legs still feel like lead and I'm stiff and awkward when I run. I maybe haven't lost all of my fitness but I've lost a lot of it! Plus I gained much of the weight back that I had lost (not happy about that!) so that doesn't make running any easier. It's no wonder runners are encouraged to keep their weight down. It just hurts to run when you're hefty. Trust me. It's like running with a half a dozen steaks stuffed down your shorts and up your shirt. LOL !! And things jiggle and that hurts! With increased mileage I trust that I'll lose the weight again.

Anyways it was a successful run...slow and steady does it until I get fit again.

55:52 trail run

Oh and my body is adjusting to exercising regularly again. I went to bed at 8:30 last night and was asleep by 8:45. That's pretty geeky but I couldn't stay up later, I clearly needed the sleep.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

One step back but two steps forward

Yesterday my plan was to do a road ride. It never happened. I had searing, burning, hot pain in my left hip that progressively got worse throughout the day so I decided to skip the bike and have a rest day. I was totally beating myself up over skipiping the ride but then decided that I was stupid to feel so guilty when I was in that much pain. Plus my legs needed the rest. An extra rest day so early on in the schedule may have actually been a smart thing to do.

Woke up for my run today to overcast but warm weather. Shorts & t-shirt. Cathy and I headed to Brackendale and did part of the triathlon run route. 50:52 was our time. A really slow pace kept Cathy's heart rate at or below 145 the entire time. No idea what mine was. My legs felt like lead but my breathing was steady, even up the inclines so that's a positive sign for me. It was good to get out and clear my head. I'm pleased that I ran for 50 minutes.

So although I skipped a bike ride yesterday I'm stoked that I ran for 50 minutes today. One step back, two steps forward.