Friday, April 13, 2007

Last night I went for a run with Cathy sort of around and about the Squamish tri route trails.....we did stray off a trail but only for a a minute or so. My legs still feel like lead and I'm stiff and awkward when I run. I maybe haven't lost all of my fitness but I've lost a lot of it! Plus I gained much of the weight back that I had lost (not happy about that!) so that doesn't make running any easier. It's no wonder runners are encouraged to keep their weight down. It just hurts to run when you're hefty. Trust me. It's like running with a half a dozen steaks stuffed down your shorts and up your shirt. LOL !! And things jiggle and that hurts! With increased mileage I trust that I'll lose the weight again.

Anyways it was a successful run...slow and steady does it until I get fit again.

55:52 trail run

Oh and my body is adjusting to exercising regularly again. I went to bed at 8:30 last night and was asleep by 8:45. That's pretty geeky but I couldn't stay up later, I clearly needed the sleep.


penney said...
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penney said...

Hey Kathryn,

Don't feel geeky about going to bed early! On Wednesday night, I ate dinner, had a bath, got in my PJs and went to bed. Torbin stayed up til 12:40 watching the hockey game while I was asleep before it even headed into overtime. I'm a basket case if I stay up past 10pm these days....

I agree with you about the rain, enough already! I hope it clears up for this weekend's Sun Run. Good luck!


penney said...

Hi again K,

Sorry about the multiple comments. I'm not sure what happened. I guess I'm not entirely awake yet!

:) J.