Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Sunday indeed!

What a weekend. It was gorgeous and sunny and that made me and everybody else that I saw so happy. And so did my workouts today! I got up early and went for a trail run around some of my favorite trails in Squamish. Up and around Alice Lake provincial park.

Then I had a really yummy latte (I really love my coffee and had really been looking forward to it) before heading off to VanCity for some shopping with a girlfriend. Shopping reminded me that I really need to lose some weight* isn't ideal right now and it sure makes running (and trying on clothes) a painful ordeal. In any case we had an awesome time today cruising highway 99 with the sun roof open and our tunes on.

I finished off the evening with a swim at the pool and had a fantastic workout! If I did my math correctly (I probably didn't but whatever) I did 400 metres in 6 minutes. If I could swim at that pace I could complete a 1.6 km swim in 24 minutes. That would please me. We'll see though....not sure that I can maintain that pace knowing there's a 40km ride followed by a 10km run immediately after.

Run: 1:05

Swim: 1000 metres

*I'm super chubby right now!!!!

1 comment:

penney said...

Hey K,
Wow, you're super fast in the pool. It sounds like you had a good weekend of training!!
See you soon,