Sunday, June 15, 2008

What the EFF

Wednesday - our office went out for a "social" and most of us got completey hammered AND we all had a fantastic time. We started with mini golf (actual greens, no clowns or windmills) at 1:00pm and we ran out of booze pretty quick. We then went to an actual golf course where we proceeded to drinks many many shots and other drinks. We were eventually cut off of shots when some of the Squamish contingent started chanting a Squamish chant that had words that I shall not repeat you know if I won't say them here, then a fancy pants golf course was definitely not the venue for the chant. So we got boozey and moved on to one of the staffs homes where the partaaay continued...someone barfs, someone passess out and the rest of us party on.

Thursday - The next day half the office came to work very late and the other half didn't make it in at all. Nice work folks. I for one tried to work but after half an hour of the spins at my desk I relocated my ass back onto a couch until 6pm. Then I caught a ride home and went back on the couch until bed. Everyone had fun at our social, it was a success and just what we needed! I for one partied my ass off and put the "No Fun K" nickname to rest for a time. I'm now working on EFF. Extra Fun Fox.

Friday - Hangover almost gone, back to work. Excellent trail run Friday pm, then home to bed. (that's 2 good runs in a week!)

Saturday - Woke up at 4:30 am couldn't go back to sleep so cleaned up my house. Met up with the girls for a swim in Alice Lake. Spectated thes Test of Metal for an hour but was in a daze and required a nap so went home to do that. Walked some dogs in the afternoon and had dinner with a friend.

Sunday - Skipped the long run in favour of a shorter easy run. Came home had some breakfast and then it was nap time because I didn't sleep well at all Saturday night, my clock is all messed up and I keep waking up at wonky times. Spent the afternoon reading at Alice Lake, lovely day and had to be outside. Went for a walk in the evening and made dinner (yes I made it myself!!) for a friend who so far has not reported in with food poisoning.

And now it's Monday. Ick.

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