Friday, September 17, 2010

A new adventure in the works

I just read my last post from May. It doesn't even sound like me.

Since then, we've purchased, moved in and done a schwack of renovating to a new house. What a fucking shit show renovating is. I'll not take that on again without some serious consideration. We're still not finished and it seems the small things will never be done. I also feel like owning a house can go one of two ways - the first is where you live in a tidy house that's well maintained but you have no life. The other is where you actually have a life, and your house is a heap. Perhaps that's just my renovation, living out of a box for 3 months, constant filth and dust, no laundry, eating take out for months on end talking. Perhaps I'll recover from that trauma one day and I'll find a balance between maintaining a house and living my life.

Speaking of living my life, I'm getting the hell outta Dodge. The Mr. and I will be traveling from Oct 15th - Jan 15th. Southeast Asia, and perhaps Africa if we can swing it. Airfares prove to be tres expensive so we shall see where we get to, we may have to take Africa off the itinerary. I'm looking forward to this, it's the trip of a lifetime for me!! And this time, this time I'll be equipped with all of the antibiotics I can possibly fit in my pack. No stomach ailment will take me down this time.

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The Mommy said...

She lives!
I guess I've discovered your news now, eh? Definitely a lunch or phone call in order...hopefully before Oct 15.