Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer to date

This has been the most fun summer of my life. In large part because let's face it, I haven't worked much at all but also due to my many getaways out of town on vacation. Here's how it went down:

July long w/e surfing in Oregon with Amy. Amy and I left at 5am Saturday and made it to the border where we waited, and waited, and waited. It took us about 12 hours to reach Cannon Beach, it was a long ass day. Cannon Beach was insanely busy Saturday and I couldn't wait to get out of there so we rented my gear from the surf shop and hightailed it outta Cannon Beach off to Nehalem where we camped. By the way, the Americans know how to build a nice campsite-this place was nicer than any campground I've ever seen in Canada. We drove to Oswald State Park every day for some surfing (plus a 1km walk to the beach with our boards and gear) where Amy rocked it and ate shit. Nevermind that I'm absolutely awful at it because I had lots of fun.

After that I did actually go to work but nevermind work...I spent a night at Gambier Island and caught up with friends. We ate tasty food, relaxed and rested (ok I relaxed and rested) and Rob and I did a nice walk up to Gambier Lake where the water was fine.

Following Gambier I was off to Vancouver where I met up with Joanne and we did the Kits Challenge, an open water swim event in the ocean!! It was a nice 1,500 metre event, so a good introduction to swimming in the ocean. I was nervous but the event was very relaxed and it wasn't scary swimming in the ocean at all so I'm glad I went. It was a positive experience and ended as all events should, with some nice people making waffles for breakfast.

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