Friday, January 7, 2011

Time for Lime cooking classes

I have a huge, sharp knife. Look out.
Also? Somebody needs some facial oil blotting tissues, sheesh.

My plate, so fancy (for me)! It tasted good too, very good.

And what's an authentic Thai meal on the beach without an icy cold Chang beer? Ahhh bliss. PS we also made the crispy spring rolls!

I highly recommend the Time for Lime cooking classes on Koh Lanta, Thailand. We learned a lot of useful information about the ingredients and preparation of Thai food, ate some delicious grub and even had some fun along the way. The best part though? All of Time for Lime's profits go to Lanta Animal Welfare, the only animal shelter on Koh Lanta. They have done so much good for the cats and dogs on Lanta, and they have no support from other local businesses nor from the Thai government. The Thai community is also not involved enough to keep it running or help fund it. Visitors to Thailand are who help fund this place by donating to the shelter, and visiting Time for Lime. If you ever find yourself in Thailand on Koh Lanta, I highly recommend Time for Lime cooking classes...and if you don't feel like cooking yourself, their restaurant serves up THE VERY BEST food I ate in Thailand. They also have bungalows on site, and of course you can volunteer to walk dogs/spend time with cats at the Lanta Animal Welfare shelter just down the road.

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