Sunday, May 1, 2011

Making Gains

It's nearly the end of week 3 of my cycle and recovery week is next week. I'll begin tapering next week for some races, and this was a big week for training. I had 4 days of dual workouts scheduled, but due to a morning sleep in I missed a swim, so I ended up doing 3 days of dual workouts in the week.

Yesterday I had a 1.5 hour bike followed by a run workout that I did at the track because it called for some sprints. I finished it, my breathing was out of control for most of the speed work, but I finished it. It was a tough brick, I hope week after next I feel stronger for it, I'm sure I will.

I rode my bike outside and I alternated between hot and sweaty and frozen like an ice cube. Mixed sun and cloud made dressing appropriately a challenge. My bike doesn't fit properly at the moment and I despise it. That's all on that topic for now, I'll get all upset and start cursing at my bike again.

Today makes me nervous. I have a 17km run to do. There was a point when I was thinking "my 1/2 marathon training is clashing with my Olympic distance triathlon training" but really, this isn't the case. If I wanted to do a 1/2 iron, I'd be doing long runs just like this so I had better suck it up.

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Penney said...

Enjoy your run... and give yourself a treat of some serious sofa time and good eats when you're done! Keep up the good work.