Monday, July 7, 2008

I've come a long way baby

Saturday: drive from Squamish to Cannon Beach, Oregon
Sunday: surfing at Oswald State Park in Oregon
Monday: surfing at Oswald State Park in Oregon
Tuesday: drive home from Oregon & 30min road ride to get ants out of my pants
Wednesday: lake swim, then mega vomiting all night long!
Thursday: vomiting and recovering
Friday: vomiting and recovering
Saturday: lake swim
Sunday: 1 hour trail run (my bday!)
Monday: lake swim
Tuesday: group trail run, 1:15, hills
Wednesday: 5am hike up Chief, 5:30 lake swim
Thursday: day off, to VanCity for Monty Python's Spamalot

Surfing at Oswald over the long weekend was SO MUCH FUN. I'll post the few pics I have later. I sucked bad at surfing but plan to take a lesson in Tofino soon. I really enjoyed myself in Oregon and hope to return there!

The Squamish triathlon is this Sunday; I'm doing the swim as part of a relay team. Apparently we now have a very fast runner who wants to "get together" the day before....I sincerely hope she doesn't take this business of relaying a tri too seriously 'cause I don't and am there to have fun! I'll have to see how it goes but am feeling good about my swimming and am having lots of fun with it these days. I even swam by myself last night. Let me repeat, I swam byMYSELF in the lake. I didn't even freak out once! I've come a long way baby!

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Alison said...

Oregon sounds very cool. My one attempt at surfing was a success only in that I didn't drown or injure myself on the board!

Have an AWESOME race this weekend. I look forward to reading the race report.

Are you going to come up to Kelowna for the Apple? C'mon, Joanne is doing it! It'll be fun.