Sunday, July 13, 2008

My weekend & sort of Squamish tri race report

My weekend started with me taking Friday off work. Good call Fox. Slept in and made it to Whistler and rode my bike from the North end of Whistler to Pemberton where I stopped to chat on the phone, ate some almonds, quickly decided that there was no way in hell I was going to return to Whistler under my own steam. I continued my ride out to Pemberton Meadows way to the Hurley turn off where I turned around and rode back to Pemby. I hung out at the Pony for a coffee then had a yummy lunch at the Wildwood (nice patio, good food!) and then we made our way to Gates lake for a quick dip in the lake. Must remember to take more Fridays off!

Saturday morning went for a quick trail run. I felt like a bag of smashed bag of a**holes - I dogged it, big time. After le shitty run I popped over to the farmers market to meet a friend, we shopped a bit then I had to pick up my race package. Met some girlfriends after package pick up for coffee then found that I pretty much falling apart and so a longish nap was in order. Post nap I made my way to the lake for some skin damage and girly gossip, good times. Yummy supper prepared in part by yours truly then bedtime.

Up at at em this morning at a reasonable hour and off to body marking where I met the runner on our team. Off to the swim where I ran into all kinds of peeps then it was time to hit the lake. Did the swim, felt pretty cruisey and mellow, enjoyed myself as always. Came out of the water to hand the timing chip off and noticed there were still quite a few relay cyclists waiting for their swimmers. I took the bus down to the school and watched the racers and turns out our Squamish Titans did really well!! Most of us had a pretty great day!

Last I checked our female relay team placed 2nd - who knew? Certainly not me. Had I known that we even had a chance at placing I would have given it my everything in the swim. I'm such a slacker. Anyway my 1,500 metre swim was 26:19.

Had lunch with the girls and husbands after the race then squeezed in a nice 53km ride with Cathy this evening. I really love weekends!

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