Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pumpkin Butter

Martha Stewart I'm not however I gave canning a first try tonight anyway. I attempted to make my own pumpkin butter. I had to wrestle with a live pumpkin to cut it up into manageable chunks to cook first and that was an ordeal in itself. I was sweating. Perhaps I need a sharper knife.

Anyway I followed the canning instructions and recipe to a T and hopefully tomorrow morning I'll find some lovely jars, with the snap lids curving down, in my kitchen. I had a wee bit leftover so I dumped it into an unsanitized jar and I plan to eat it...after all what harm is a little Botulism? Botox I say! The butter is delicious if I do say so myself.

One jar, upon removing it from the canner pot thingy, lost it's bottom clean off. That sucked because the recipe was fully blood sweat and tears and produced only 6 jars so I'm down to 5 now. Urgh.

Apparently North America is having a hard time with the particular lemon crop that's used to make ReaLemon juice (new crop expected late 2009) and that's unfortunate because I need 2 tablespoons of it if I'm to make more pumpkin butter. And let's face it, I'm no whiz in the kitchen so for me it's practice makes perfect so it would be great if I could make some more soon! I even have enough pumpkin to make more.

Here's what blood, sweat, tears, 1 beer, some cursing, and some cheezy Christmas music produced tonight.


I swam with Masters tonight but it was such a boring workout that I quit 10 minutes early. We did a warm up then 500 metres of kicking and pulling then...2,000 metres of free with fins. 2,000 metres of just free, all with fins. Umm...fuck that, I think not. (I've decided to stop being so polite in my blog and be more like my real self. My real self uses salty language). I was bored and cold so I quit the workout in favour of the hot tubby!




Alison said...

"Their target audience is some complete dork listening to friggin' Christmas music in NOVEMBER?!"

Um, aren't you listing to it???

Darn it, I think I just got myself kicked off the pumpkin butter list! I'm very curious as to what it tastes like.

Foxtrot said...

It's true, I was the complete dork listening to figgin' Christmas music in November!!