Friday, September 30, 2011

Looking ahead and excited for Winter!

I had my ass handed to me this morning by way of a personal training session with a coach. One on one there's no ducking out, skipping a lap, or hiding in the forest while you catch your breath. I wasn't doing anything overly strenuous, I'm just really weak! Like a newborn baby weak. My arms felt like jello and my quads were on fire, as they have been for about 3 weeks now. I've no core strength at all and my lunges and squats are pathetic. I think the coach was trying not to laugh at me.  

This Summer more than any other I've become very aware of how physically active a community Squamish is. I suppose I'm moving more in those circles and nothing's changed other than me and who I hang out with. I love this about Squamish and I appreciate it every. single. day. There are people in Squamish who inspire me with what they've achieved. The athletic accomplishments in our little town are astounding. I won't list them, I couldn't possibly do it justice. Suffice to say it's a town full of athletes of all levels with varied interests. A sporty partner to go out and play outside with is just a phone call away, it's pretty great. I love my town so much!

After this morning's one on one coached "skill class" I'm now set to start Strength/Endurance classes and Spin classes for the next 3 months. These on top of the usual swimming, running and Compu Trainer should keep me out of trouble until Christmas. And these classes will be a fun and social way to maintain a regular exercise routine in the dreary Winter months, something that's essential to my well being. Guess I'll squeeze in xc skiing and showshoeing on the weekends? I'm already looking forward to the snow flying as I know many others here are too. There's already all kinds of talk of Callaghan and skate skiing/classic skiing and some co workers and I have plans for some evening snowshoe adventures with headlamps on our favourite running trail near the office.

So much to look forward to, let the snow fly.


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