Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A moustache for me...in permanent marker!

Full steam ahead! I'm only just barely keeping some injuries at bay - quads and calves are totally acting up, I think due to my poor/inefficient pedal stroke as I hammer away on my road bike. Foam roller torture sessions and a few fascia "massage" sessions that had my toes curling and me just barely containing screams of pain are the only thing keeping these muscles just barely on the right side of injury. Once weekly yoga is better than nothing but it's probably not quite enough to help combat the abuse I'm putting my body through.

Sunday evening yoga, is there a better way to wrap up the weekend? I think not. What a restorative thing to do at the end of a weekend, I'm really, really enjoying it. Funny, I always really enjoy yoga whenever I do it, it's just so bloody expensive I've been priced out of it. As long as I'm running and biking though I think it's something I should continue with in order to balance things out and ensure I remain injury free. Stretching at home helps, of course, but an hour of dedicated stretching is ideal and the only way that's happening is at a scheduled session. It's also very relaxing. I feel like I float out of the yoga studio on a quiet, happy cloud on Sunday evenings. Precisely the opposite of sweating and grunting up a hill perched atop an aluminium contraption. Balance.

Last weekend I did a 12k race as part of an 8 member crew of women for the Whistler 50. I think my time was 1:09 and change. It hurt a lot and at the time I felt like I was running 22k not 12k. I was not prepared. Doesn't matter, it was just for fun, I had no goal other than to drink beer after the race and I did that. This year is the first time the race was held in Whistler, it was formerly called Haney to Harrison and was based out of Harrison. I think I'll probably give this race a pass next year in favour of STORMY - in my opinion a much more fun event, largely due to the Summer weather we get to enjoy in August when STORMY is held. I enjoy trail running more than road running, so STORMY is ideal for me.

I'm keeping myself busy with some strength and endurance classes, spin classes, CompuTrainer sessions, running, swimming and yoga. My schedule is jam packed, I'm sore most of the time, and I'm enjoying all of it. I just registered for a 1/2 marathon in February to ensure I keep up with running, my weakest sport in terms of triathlon. 

It's that time of year again, time to give some thought to 2012 goals and consider what I'd like to work towards and achieve in terms of sport. I've got some ideas hatching, nothing set in stone quite yet. The First Half in February will be a good kick off and my first race of the year.

I plan to get out and enjoy some xc skiing and snow shoeing this Winter too. You've got to make time to play in the snow, otherwise you just end up despising it...so I have to work at having fun outside in the snow or I'll face a Winter of misery. There's snow all over the place now so I guess there's no time like the present to get out there!

As part of Movember I have agreed to draw a permanent marker moustache on my face and keep it on all day for November 30th. I'm a tool, I know. But it's for good and not evil so why not? I've been testing out permanent marker removal methods and so far nail polish remover works best. Why do I get myself into these things?!

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The Foxes said...

kind of disappointed that you didn't post a picture of you with a permanent marker moustache on your face. haha!