Monday, January 25, 2010

Just another manic Monday

I'll feel less guilty if I expunge myself of this piece of lingering guilt now. I'm totally not into my project management course right now. Not even a little. I felt burnt out in December, and though I had time off to rest and relax, I've not quite got my head into it again. Yet. It's boring the hell out of me, writing essay after essay. Writing essays has to be one of my least favourite methods of learning. Thankfully, we're in a part of the course where we can dick around a little without being penalized. I'm clearly not the only one feeling this way either, seems as though others in the class are experiencing similar feelings.

It's nigh on time to get back "into it" for the final 3 months, though. I wonder if I can trick myself into enjoying it? The afternoon of April 9th will be a happy time indeed, for that's when I'm all finished with the course. Let the countdown begin, and let the learning begin.

I donated some $ to the Canadian Red Cross for Haiti. Their servers were overwhelmed so I had to try submitting my donation several times. I checked my VISA statement today, they processed it thrice! They're all over it though, and are working to reverse the additional transactions, or so their e-mail response states. To be quite honest I almost feel guilty asking them to correct the error, but I donated what I could for now and will try to donate more later. After all, the immediate need was indeed great but it's the rebuilding that will go on for years to come that will also require significant funds. Médecins Sans Frontières also received a donation from me, they do great things.

I rustled up 13 pairs of shoes to be shipped to Haiti too! A shoe store in Park Royal was collecting and shipping them to Haiti. I hope someone who really needs a pair of shoes receives them. One person had a chuckle at me because in addition to running shoes and sneakers, I added some high heels. I pointed out that people in Haiti work office jobs too, and if their belongings are under a pile of rubble, perhaps they'd appreciate a pair of shoes to wear to work, once they're able to go back. Perhaps it was a bad idea, but I figured I'd send em anyway, just in case. Right?

I also want to share with you how much I'm suffering right now. After my completely fabulous flow yoga class yesterday I felt like a million bucks. The class was really tough, but fun. Tough as in shaking muscles, complete and utter fatigue, had to rest in childs pose a few times tough. I definitely worked hard, I was sweating enough that my hands were slipping off the mat. In any case, I never dreamed I'd experience this when I woke up this morning. This being the obvious annihilation of my muscles. All of them. Every. Last. One. It hurt to brush my teeth this morning and it only went downhill from there. I couldn't understand what was wrong with me! I wondered if I was coming down with a nasty flu. Nay, it was the yoga! I guess that means I need to keep going, if only so it doesn't hurt so badly after. Good thing I bought myself the new student 1 month unlimited pass! Between now and THE DAY I LEAVE FOR KAUAI I have unlimited access to yoga. Me thinks this is sweet.

Intervals (race pace timed repeats I believe) tomorrow night ought to be fun given how sore my every muscle is. I'm cringing at the thought. Wish me luck!

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