Tuesday, January 19, 2010

my new obsession

I am currently slightly obsessed with this woman and her crazy, sweet (sappy but I love it anyway) love story and her great big happy family. I am definitely a cowgirl deep down and living on a working ranch with horses, cattle, dogs, horses, cats, ranch hands, horses....now that does make my heart go pitter patter. Never mind the cowboy husband!! Oh my! Be still my beating heart.

I may have to order The Pioneer Woman's new cookbook too. Her website/blog has some of her recipes posted. They look absolutely scrumptious. She even posts step by step instructions for the recipes for non-chefs like me. Ranch grub, filling and tasty.

Last night was an interval running workout with the local triathlon club the Squamish Titans. We were working on hills. It became apparent rather quickly that Christmas has fully and completely caught up with me. I'm heavy and out of shape and I have some work to do in the coming months. My legs had only one gear; slow.

Tonight was a fun 2,200 metre swim with the Masters. Still loving having our coach, it makes the workouts more focused and more fun not to mention we work way harder with someone on deck.

Leaving you with this image, a blue bedroom. Calm and serene.

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