Saturday, January 16, 2010

miso glazed salmon

I really love this room! Spacious, rustic, original, warm. The beams that make up the wall and the vaulted ceiling are fantastic! I could easily fit this room out with some cozy rugs, a sofa and armchairs, warm, ambient lamps and soft, fluffy blankets. Voila, ultra cozy, yet rustic living room.

I went for a beauty trail run this morning. The sun shone here today, if you can believe it. Just yesterday I was beginning to think the rain would never cease, and sure enough blue sky and rays of sun!! As always in Winter I can't help but think "what the fuck am I doing living here where it's grey and cloudy and rainy for so many months of the year" and "why the fuck am I not living where it's warm and sunny year round". *sigh* One day, I swear I'll be living in the sunshine!

For dinner tomorrow I'm going to attempt miso glazed salmon with rice and to start, tofu and scallions in shitake (sp?) mushroom broth. If I don't ruin it, I think it will be lovely!

The ladies and I were talking about upcoming races this Spring and we seemed to draw a collective blank. The best races are in the Summer and Fall...nothing fun comes to mind for Spring. We'll have to do some research. It's time to set some goals for ourselves. If you know of any mind-blowing fun fun fun races in the lower mainland between now and July, drop me a line.

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